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Modular construction has proven to be especially effective when it comes to meeting the needs of the demanding, perpetually developing military and government landscape. Convenience is a must. Strict budgets, special security requirements, remote locations, and accelerated schedules require a very specific skill set. Class Leasing has done their homework.  We provide everything you need to be comfortable and content in our versatile and budget-friendly living spaces. Our dependable and experienced team are committed to delivering the best solution regardless if your project calls for extensive installations, remote construction, permanent structures or relocatable buildings. Our goal is to save you stress, time and money –  while bringing you a top quality product.


Emergency buildings available immediately
Modular barracks & barracks buildings
“Open Bay”construction & modular bunkhouses
Twice as fast as traditional construction
Half the cost of regularly-built structures.
Suited to your budget
Quick delivery for time-sensitive projects.
Reduced site disruption
Fast construction & building approvals
Standard & custom floorplans available
Top quality construction

Would you like to design your own floorplan?

We invite you to work with us on custom projects.
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