We Deliver Learning.

Comfortable classrooms—physically and psychologically— promote a sense of well-being, keep minds focused, and limit distractions. Modular buildings from Class Leasing are highly customizable, and offer several possible configurations, including offices, classrooms, science labs, libraries, administration, restrooms, pre-schools, assembly, food service, dining halls, and other possible usage. Our goal is your satisfaction and comfort.

class-leasing-class-buildingWHY CLASS LEASING MODULAR?

  • Immediate class size reduction.
  • Available faster than traditional construction
  • Half the cost of regularly-built structures.
  • Already DSA-Approved structures.
  • Suited to your budget
  • Quick delivery for time-sensitive projects.
  • Reduced site disruption
  • Fast construction & building approvals
  • Standard & custom floorplans available
  • Top quality construction
  • Lease/Lease Back Projects
  • Class Leasing unique “Piggyback Pricing” Option

We also install modular buildings on below-grade concrete foundation and provide stucco exterior.
Our designs are used at community colleges, charter schools, private and public campuses.