Features and Benefits

From the beginning to end. From design to occupation. You will work with the same person all the way through. Class Leasing wants to be part of your team, because we know that it’s all about how we treat you. There are many reasons to choose Class Leasing. With over 50 years of collective experience, excellence is our specialty.

California Piggyback Contracts

Are you a growing school district or public agency in need of a few new buildings? Then there’s a chance you can bypass the expense of the bidding process with our “Piggyback Contracts!”

Our PIGGYBACK BID serves a wide range of building types with multiple accessories and upgrades. Our piggyback contracts for modular buildings expedites the purchase or lease of a wide variety of buildings and services. There is a good chance that you can acquire a piggyback contract to purchase or lease these buildings without advertising for bids.

To learn more and apply for your PIGGYBACK BID,
call us at (951) 943-1908 or e-mail us here!

Free Color Upgrades

Class Leasing is now INCLUDING New Standard Carpet Flooring & Custom Exterior Colors on Lease Contracts for Three (3) Years, or longer.

It’s no secret that color is a powerful communicator. It impacts us on many levels and can enhance or impair learning, morale, and behaviors. Studies have shown that color affects a student’s attention span, perception of time and can reduce absenteeism. We want to help you incorporate the use of color as a potential positive impact on the learning process.

If you are planning on a lease contract for 3 or more years – and
would like FREE COLOR UPGRADES, call us at (951) 943-1908 or e-mail us here!

1-Month’s Free Rent

Need a little extra freedome and flexibility? Class leasing knows just where you’ll appreciate it the most: your pocketbook! We would like to offer you 1-Month’s Free Rent. It’s as simple as that.

To find out if you qualify, call us at (951) 943-1908 or e-mail us here!