VIDEO: Class Leasing’s Partner Aries Does Modular Housing Right

Class Leasing LLC offers the very best in modular classrooms, but our partners can offer so much more. Sister company Aries Residence Suites operates several man camps across many remote locations. Aries’ workforce housing accommodations are a cut above the rest; featuring well-appointed cabins, recreation centers, community kitchens, and more. Watch this video featuring The Aries Guy Trey to learn more about modular – the Aries way!

About Reliant Asset Management (RAM)

Reliant Asset Management provides premier modular space solutions to a variety of growing industries in the U.S. and Canada including the energy, education, healthcare, and government markets.
Through our multiple subsidiaries, including Class Leasing, we offer a comprehensive array of products and services that include design, manufacturing, installation, operation, and financing.
Learn more about our other subsidiary Advanced Modular Space and browse our online catalog of preowned modular buildings:
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Less Cost, More Stylish; Pre-owned Modular is the Answer

Long gone are the days of modular units being seen as drab and boxy mobile homes. These days, designers are beginning to take another look at prefabricated buildings, especially in retail and restaurant industries, because the quicker a building goes up, the quicker a business can produce revenue. Time is money!

Class Leasing LLC’s sister company Aries Building Systems has a large stock of pre-used modular inventory that have limitless possibilities.

These innovations are not just limited to the retail and restaurant industries, however, and school districts across the nation are jumping at the heels to join the trend. When student populations unexpectedly rise, or classrooms are rendered unusable, prefabricated modular classrooms can be the perfect solution to implement a temporary yet aesthetically pleasing learning space. These prefab classrooms can be temporarily or permanently installed.

Many school districts, though they often make use of modular, are loath to have to utilize the construction will be boxy and not match the rest of the campus. They wouldn’t be so apprehensive if they knew they could have the help of the Aries design team, customization of a pre-used ‘pre-fabulous’ modular unit can help transform your ‘box’ into an aesthetically beautiful classroom that will be the envy of other districts.

The idea is becoming so popular and common place that most schools have or will have to use a modular unit at some point. Imagine being able to customize using YOUR colors, YOUR brand, your interior and exterior choices, and the entire building is already code compliant.

While modular construction is already an incredibly fast process, refurbishing a preowned modular is almost 50%-70% faster- and you can get more space for your money in half the time!

Whatever your reason you need this temporary classroom space for, Aries has preowned inventory that can perform to your wildest dreams. Whatever you imagine, let Aries and their design team help transform their pre-owned modular buildings into your next business adventure! Check out Aries’ Choosing Modular brochure for more ideas, visit Aries company Advanced Modular Space and view the prefabricated inventory to see how Aries can fill your business needs!

Company Spotlight: Advanced Modular Space

Class Leasing has been providing quality modular classrooms to schools on the west coast for years, but did you know our reach stretches even further? Class Leasing is part of the Aries family of companies, a group which provides start-to-finish modular solutions for a wide variety of industries across North America. One of our partner companies, Advanced Modular Space, specializes in providing high quality used modular inventory for businesses looking to grow and scale while watching their bottom line. Keep reading to learn more about how Advanced Modular can help growing school districts meet demand in a safe and affordable way.

Advanced Modular’s used buildings meet the same high quality standards as our custom built units, but at a lower price point. This makes previously-owned buildings a major draw for budget-conscious school districts looking to expand. Studies show that students perform better and suffer from less education-related accidents with more space to learn, and Advanced Modular can help you provide just that. With Advanced Modular Space, modular buildings aren’t just for classrooms; they can provide administrative complexes, assembly halls, dining areas, kitchens, and much more. Nearly every unit can be customized and outfitted for your school’s specific needs!

Convinced? We thought so. Give the folks at Advanced Modular Space a call today at (703) 672-3537. One of our dedicated team members is available to walking you through the financing and installation processes and to answer any questions you may have. Let’s build a brighter future for students together.

Leasing a Modular Building: Where Do You Start?

HowToLeasingWhen budgets are tight and the future is undetermined, administrators and school boards often exploring the options to answer the question, “How do make space for our rapidly growing student body when we aren’t quite sure if we are going to continue expanding at this pace or next year or enrollment levels off?” For tis very reason, the decision to go modular is a popular choice. Administrators need a great deal of flexibility to incorporate any incoming changes – whether they be figuring out how to make room for more modular classrooms or campus facilities – or how to pay for it. Many school districts embrace the modular construction because it provides a temporary, relocatable, customizable, and cost-effective solution.

Once the decision to is made to go with modular building, there are many different options available. How do you go about leasing a modular unit, and what options are available?

Once you make the decision to lease, there are different options available for leasing from RAM.

1. You have payment options that can be determined via a discussion with RAM. They can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.
2. Operating Lease — This is for customers who need a longer rental term and only pay for the building while they use it. When you are ready to return the building, you can purchase or return the modular unit. RAM can help you determine whether it is more financially beneficial to lease or buy.
3. Lease to purchase — This is the closest to the ‘lease to own’ concept. Customers need to meet certain financial criteria and you will own the building at the end of the term.
4. Municipal Lease — This is a low interest financing alternative available to government and municipalities, schools, and some charter schools
Leasing includes all the same things that purchase does: delivery, installation, site work costs – although some costs may not be rolled into the leasing contract and may have to be paid up front.

Because of low interest rates, leasing is affordable, and even with delivery and installation costs, leasing modular buildings avoids amortization fees. Combined with the fact that Aries Class Leasing has been the preferred provider of DSA approved relocatable classrooms for over 25 years, they are a natural fit.

When picking out a modular unit, remember that modular buildings have come a long way in terms of aesthetic appearances. They are no longer plain boxes without amenities. Spaces can be customized for comfort, color, and custom interior and exterior finishes. Right now, Class Leasing is now INCLUDING New Standard Carpet Flooring & Custom Exterior Colors on Lease Contracts for Three (3) Years, or longer.

Questions to consider:

How long do I need the unit?
What are my needs versus my wants?
What am I flexible on?
What are my non-negotiables?

Leasing with Aries Class Leasing provides quick approval, competitive rates, and purchase and lease back options. Aries also has ‘pre-leased’ buildings which can offer even more savings! This is YOUR chance to get ‘more building’ for lesser cost.

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us for more information on finance options versus purchase or complete our online inquiry form. We would love the opportunity to discuss your options.

Need a little extra freedom and flexibility? Class Leasing knows just where you’ll appreciate it the most: your pocketbook! We would like to offer you 1-Month’s Free Rent. It’s as simple as that. To find out if you qualify, call us at (951) 943-1908 or e-mail us at

Download ‘How To Choose Your Next Modular Building” to see all the types of modular units that Aries can do for you and inspire your decision to lease a modular unit today!

Pre-Existing Classroom Modular Offers Fast and Easy Additions

CLASS_Jan2017_week3Take advantage of Aries’ national experience in modular classroom buildings. Many school districts are coming to the realization that as school growth becomes a massive issue, modular units can not only be cheaper, but many times the classrooms are nicer then the original facility.

Modular buildings are customizable and can come equipped with restrooms and fire alarms, and when delivered can be connected to water, sewer, and power. Because Aries has been providing DSA approved relocatable classrooms for over 25 years, they are experts in customizing code requirements to both a state and national level regardless of the type of project.

Schools need not panic when they see enrollment numbers grow when the budgets don’t. Aries has a wide array of used modular inventory available for immediate delivery like standard classroom buildings, restroom facilities as well as specialty buildings, including childcare and kindergarten classrooms.

Because schools often have a narrow construction window and a demand to decrease disruption, taking advantage of a pre-existing modular unit makes sense.

Ready to get started? By using one of our designs, you will experience fewer weather-related delays, quick completion & occupancy, decreased site disturbance, and attentive planning & execution. Our commitment is your satisfaction. Call us at (951)-943-1908 for more information on available listings.

The new normal for modular classrooms

modular-classroomsWith 80%-90% of modular building construction occurring at a factory or warehouse, modular classrooms became top pick for many school administrators that needed to balance budget with time lost. With school districts growing fast and furious, students need a place to study and learn quickly — and school districts cannot waste time with traditional construction. Many administrators and board members like the fact that modular classrooms can be leased or purchased and can be placed on-site to ‘blend in’ and look like a part of the existing school footprint.

East Arlington’s Hardy Elementary School had to make a choice between a traditionally constructed four classroom addition — or a 6 classroom modular addition with room to add more as needed. The school committees unanimously voted for modular. Traditional construction in the short-term was cheaper but the unforeseen costs that could come up because of additions, modifications, and changes could grow and become extremely costly. Demographics in the community change frequently, and with a student body that is expected to grow in the future, the smaller, traditional four classroom build out wasn’t enough and the school would still be crowded. Because of modular classroom flexibility, many schools are choosing to do the same.

Schools are also opting to place modular units on school grounds to accommodate alternative education and programs. Units can be relocatable on site and within the district. As needs change so can the modular unit. For Central Oregon, this school provides behavioral management specialists via modular classrooms to assist children with extra needs get special assistance but don’t have to leave campus. Aries Class Leasing offers classroom units that can be leased on an ‘as-needed’ basis, and can be designed to fit into the existing ‘look’ of the campus.

Because there is no quick fix for classrooms and school budgets, 2017 is bound to see a rise in modular classroom need. Aries Class Leasing will be there to offer growing districts whatever they need to keep operating without causing blip in students’ education. Contact Aries Class Leasing LLC for more information about buying, leasing, piggyback bidding, pricing and delivery on DSA approved relocatable classrooms at (951)-943-1908 or email


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Our Touchstone is Uncompromising Safety Standards


Modular construction is a process in which a structure is built off-site, in a controlled facility – using the same designs and materials – and constructed under the same codes and standards as traditionally constructed buildings… but in approximately half the time. But how safe is this process when put under the microscope?

Relocatable buildings are created in “modules” that when assembled at the final location, possess the exact architectural design and integrity of the most sophisticated site-built structure. In addition, the modules must have the strength to adhere to the delivery process – a test traditional construction is not subjected to.

Modular construction requires 80% less time occupying a construction site compared to conventional construction, creating an exceptional safety advantage by eliminating longer term site traffic and other construction hazards. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that over 700 construction-related deaths occurred last year, and over 250 of them derived from falls. The fact that modular construction mostly takes place on the ground and inside a climate-controlled facility virtually negates the possibility of fatal falls.

The occurrence of falls resulting in fatalities is virtually eliminated when working in a modular factory atmosphere since the prefabricated building process is done mostly on the ground and under a roof, shielding workers from dangerous outside elements.

Class Leasing and all the Aries Building companies consider safety the touchstone of our modular building process and our “Aries Turnkey Advantage,” which is why we appoint designated safety managers and customized safety & health plans for each and every site project.

Check out our partner company Advanced Modular Solution’s online inventory of new and used modular buildings, and contact us at (951) 943-1908 or email us at We’ll get you started on a modular classroom or relocatable building that suits your needs!

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Keep Up to Date with Aries’ RAM Report


There are many things to consider when it comes to modular building. The Aries RAM Report presented by Aries Class Leasing provides in-depth information, guidance, and is a resource for those considering modular building.

The education building sector changes frequently: developments and designs along with zoning and remaining flexible are key to those making the decision to go modular. The RAM Report supplies current news and best practices as well as critical changes happening within the modular industry.

Modular news about how to save money, green construction, viewpoints on modular building, and new technology will arrive in your inbox every few months, keeping you on top of what’s going on in the industry.

The best way to stay informed is to sign up for our RAM Report and get updates to your inbox quarterly. Stay up to date on what’s new on the website, special announcements, modular accommodations, blogs and news from Aries sister sites, and special RAM Report information that only subscribers receive!

Also receive the ‘Let’s Eat Out Guide’ for the Bakken Shale Oil region when you sign up for the RAM Report updates now!

Experience. Consistency. Why Aries is a Step Above


Say hello to the world’s tallest modular building. 32 stories. Half-market rate apartments. A beautiful structure, and modularly built. But why is all of the press about it negative?

Because what was supposed to be a project that, due to its modular construction, would require less time, less workers, and faster ROI turned out to be the exact opposite.

This earnest modular building project broke ground in 2012 and had a 2014 completion date set. The designing architects and developers were able to plan an aggressive timeline that saved 20% on construction trimmed 30 months off the project.The modular building developer was prepared to make the apartment modules which would then be stacked just like like legos, on-site.

When the modular units didn’t fit snugly, the arguments commenced as to which party was to blame. Soon after the misfit modules needs replacing, severe structural damage and water seepage occurred – and and lawsuits soon followed. There was enough damage to extend the project by two years and the costs boundlessly escalated.

In the end, some may criticize the developer for pushing modular technology toward the unconventional. But the end result is a beautiful multi-family modular development that proved tenacious in spirit.

How could it have been avoided? Not sure, but we do know one thing for certain: choosing an experienced modular manufacturer such Aries Building Systems (Class Leasing LLC sister company) would be a great place to start. Our family of companies have spent years to building up our design expertise, financial support, in house manufacturing, transportation, land development and building engineering. And the best part? It all happens under ONE ROOF.

No back and forth, bouncing from company to company. Can Aries build the tallest modular building in the world? Bring it on. We’d love to put our Aries Turnkey Advantage to the test.

If you are considering modular building for your next project or development, sign up to download our free ‘Choosing Modular’ booklet for more information on the types of modular building Aries Building Systems can help you with – and receive our quarterly newsletter to boot!

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Aries in Action: Saving School Budgets


It’s no secret that schools are built with taxpayer’s dollars, and many school districts take a lot of heat when planning. There are so many fees involved with expanding a school to accommodate a growing population and rising school district numbers: architectural fees are high, visual aesthetics are a concern, efficiency and timing are usually high on the list of needs, and of course…the bottom line starts to grow.

But school districts and taxpayers now have options. Budgets don’t have to go wild with Aries Class Leasing. If a school district is growing, modular buildings offer fast, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to a changing demographic and increasing enrollment.

Some school districts don’t have enough space to hold assemblies or enough room to put chairs for students to sit…and they come close to reaching fire code capacity. Modular classrooms can be built to aesthetically look like it is a part of a current and existing building.

Worried about design? Color can be a powerful communicator. It impacts us on many levels and can enhance or impair learning, morale, and behaviors. Aries want to help you incorporate the use of color as a potential positive impact on the learning process.

Amtrak has given Aries an A+ when it comes to modular solutions. Over the years, Amtrak has used Aries modular experts to upgrade and modernize its Sunnyside New York facility. Located in Long Island, New York, the active rail corridor cannot afford ‘down time’ that traditional construction requires. Modular construction was an optimal solution.

Wondering if Aries Class Leasing is the right solution for your school district? Contact us at 888.981.6137 or for a conversation about how we can help you save.